Vice President

The position description may undergo occasional updates, so please be aware that any details provided are subject to change.


  • Execute all Board of Directors Shared Duties in addition to the position-specific duties listed below
  • Serve on the Executive Committee and appoint volunteers to committees and task forces


  • Board Meetings
  • Promote unity and collaboration on the Board while promoting healthy debates and discussion
  • Prepare agenda topics and proposals as assigned/delegated by the President
  • Address and help resolve conflicts within the Board
  • Other Meetings
  • Attend Executive Committee Meetings (if scheduled)
  • Attend committee meetings as board liaison (as needed) and report back to the Board on their progress


  • Communicate with liaising committees every month to monitor committee performance
  • Build and strengthen relationships with officers, directors, volunteers, members, staff through regular communication
  • Help draft Public Relations letters and statements addressed to members or external stakeholders


  • Assist in establishing contact and liaisons with external organizations and ensure these organizations fit the mission and vision of the Academy

Time Commitment

Times listed below may fluctuate depending on changing business priorities and the urgency of critical board discussions and votes that must take place.

  • Electronic communication: 4-8 hours/month
  • APTA CSM Meetings and Support: Up to 6 days
  • Committee Meetings: 3-6 hours/month
  • Board Meetings: 2-3 hours/month preparation time
  • Monthly Zoom Meetings: 1-2 hours/month meeting time
  • Annual In-Person Retreats: 3-4 days
  • Read and comment on meeting materials: 1 Day
  • 1:1 meetings with the Execute Director to collaborate on strategic initiatives and liaising committees as needed: 1-2 hours / month

  • Must have been an APTA Pelvic Health member for at least 2 consecutive, uninterrupted years without membership lapses immediately preceding the election and must maintain active membership in good standing throughout the volunteer term
  • Cannot be an active independent contractor contracted with APTA Pelvic Health or a direct competitor during the term of service according to Conflict of Interest policy
  • Passion and positive attitude about teamwork, pelvic health, adaptability, flexibility, and innovation
  • Prior role in executive leadership on any board (desired)
  • Prior role in Academy board or committee leadership (desired)
  • Previous volunteer experience within APTA Pelvic Health (required)
  • People and networking skills
  • Leadership and mentorship experience
  • Good technology and social media skills
  • Good listening and decision-making skills
  • Interest in related advocacy, regulatory, and legislative strategies
  • Good time management and organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to multitask
  • Strong problem-solving and mediation skills when sensitive situations arise within the Academy


Board of Directors