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The list below includes frequently used forms and resources. Please refer to your committee, task force, or SIG-specific onboarding information for more specific procedures, role descriptions, and charters. This list is meant to serve as a general resource for all volunteers.

Apply to Volunteer

Explore our 20+ volunteer opportunities and apply for a role today or apply for an "Undeclared" position so that we can match you with a volunteer opportunity!

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Volunteer Agreement

Schedule Meetings

Book your next committee, task force, or SIG meeting on the Academy's Zoom.

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Meeting Agenda Template

How to Take Meeting Minutes

Submit Quarterly Progress Report

Understanding Liaison Roles

Host an Event

All events, including webinar and in-person, must be pre-approved by the Board. Please use these forms to submit your request.

Submit an Event Proposal   

Submit an Event Speaker Bio

Volunteer Expense Reimbursement Form

Marketing & Promotion

All marketing and promotion requests including newsletter mentions, surveys, articles, or dedicated eblasts require Board approval. 

Newsletter Mention Request Form

Dedicated E-Blast Request Form

Blog Post Submission Form

Proposal Creation

All new initiatives outside of your SIG/Committee charter objectives must be approved by the Board.

Submit a Podcast Episode Proposal

Task Force Proposal Form

Mission & Vision  Strategic Plan

Key Forms

These are standard, miscellaneous administrative forms you can access.

Resignation Media Release Form

Verification Letter Request Form

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