National Bladder Health Awareness Month Supporters Invite PTs to Give Free Classes

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By Sarah Jenkins

National Bladder Health Awareness Month Supporters Invite PTs to Give Free Classes on Menopause, Pelvic Floor Health in November

National Bladder Health Awareness Month in November was created to increase discussion of bladder and bowel health and to urge individuals struggling with these conditions to seek treatment.

For 30 years, the National Association For Continence has supported patients, caregivers, and providers who deal with bladder and bowel health issues dail. It has been our mission to provide education, tools and resources to those individuals who are challenged by incontinence in a world where the topic is too often left unmentioned and undertreated.

In 2015, we launched a related program titled “Be Strong” that invited physical therapists to host free pelvic-floor-strengthening classes in their local communities. The classes taught men and women about their pelvic floors, the importance of healthy pelvic floors, and ways to build and maintain their strength to treat and prevent situations such as incontinence.

The results were outstanding. More than 50 PTs hosted one or more classes, and the association educated 500-plus patients on the importance of maintaining a healthy pelvic floor.

Because of this success and positive feedback from both participants and instructors, we are again offering a free class curriculum to PTs and extending an invitation for them to sign up with NAFC to host a free class this November.

This year’s class, titled “Stay Strong,” again will discuss the importance of the pelvic floor but also will focus on menopause. Specifically, volunteer PTs will provide information about changes that occur during this phase of life, the ways menopause affects the pelvic floor, and the actions women can take to remain strong throughout this period of life.

Don’t have a large menopausal patient base? Not to worry. Both this year’s class and last year’s more general pelvic-floor-strengthening class, “Be Strong,” can be presented during this promotion.

A well-respected PT advisory board has once again developed our outstanding curriculum. NAFC will provide everything needed to host the class: the core presentation with speaker notes, promotional materials, instruction guides, and patient handouts.

NAFC values the work of physical therapists and is pleased to provide Section of Women’s Health members and other PTs with these tools to help you grow your practice.

Many who participated in 2015 reported that they gained new patients by hosting the class, as well as educated their community.

If you are interested in hosting a class, sign up here, and NAFC will contact you about the materials. Thank you for supporting this important educational effort.

AUTHOR: Sarah Jenkins has worked with the National Association For Continence for more than two years and is proud to support the organization’s educational and advocacy efforts in providing resources and support to those touched by incontinence.