Your Vagina Can Change A Lot After Childbirth. Women Share What To Expect.

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The lack of information and support (at home, at work, and socially) for people experiencing these changes makes it common to feel “broken” after childbirth, said Kristi Kliebert, a pelvic health physical therapist and spokesperson for the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy, a professional organization. “They feel like they've lost themselves. They feel like they don't know how they fit into the new norm.” The truth is some bodies return to something close to what they were like prepregnancy, and other bodies simply recover differently. Many conditions can be treated or improved. “The body is going to continue to change and it's going to continue to heal,” Kliebert said. “Everyone heals differently.”

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Featuring Director of Communications, Kristi Kliebert, PT, DPT