To Lead or Not To Lead: Why It May Be Time to Step Up

Posted By: Kirsten I. Wightman Career Development,

By Kirsten Wightman, PT, DPT, WCS, CLT

“To lead, or not to lead”–that is certainly a question, but is that a question that you ask yourself?

Some people are natural born leaders; others learn to lead by taking a risk and surprising themselves with skills they never knew they possessed.

Making the choice to become a leader is to make yourself vulnerable and open to risk and change, but more often than not, it is a valuable leaning and growth opportunity that is immeasurably worth the sacrifice.

Not convinced? Ask anyone who has ever had a well-supported leadership role. Remember that leaders are rarely lone wolves–they have a pack of followers to lean on for strength, guidance, and support.

To lead in the face of opposition can be another obstacle, but imagine a world in which we had no choices to make. What would presidential elections look like without debates? Which brand of cereal would we be forced to eat due to lack of options? What practitioner would we be stuck with if we couldn’t choose the one that best meets our needs?

With nominations for the Section on Women’s Health board now officially open, not only should you have the right to vote for the leader who represents the changes you want made in the Section and our profession, but you also might also ask yourself the question, “To lead or not to lead?” Consider being a leader this year and run for office!

It may not be easy–although a lot of help is available–and it may not be without obstacles, but true transformational experiences rarely occur without opposition. In fact, if we stop and wonder, would we really want them to? Open yourself up to the possibilities of what will transform your life this year!

For more information about running for the five open positions on the Board of Directors and Nominating Committee, e-mail at

Deadline for application submission is March 31; membership voting starts May 1. Open positions are President, Treasurer, Director of Research, Director of Education, and Nominating Committee member.

AUTHOR: Kirsten Wightman, PT, DPT, WCS, CLT, is incoming chair of the SOWH Nominating Committee.