PACER Series Webinar: Pelvic Health Considerations & COVID-19

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PACER Series: Pelvic Health Considerations
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Many of the patients who survive COVID-19 will demonstrate deficits in all major body systems. One system commonly overlooked is the genitourinary (GU) system. One component of the GU system is the pelvic floor diaphragm. The pelvic floor diaphragm, in conjunction with the respiratory diaphragm, act as a pressure regulator of the trunk. By regulating pressures, this group of muscles assists patients with breathing, posture, and movement. Because these are interventions that will be commonly implemented in therapy sessions for patients who survive COVID-19, it is imperative that physical therapists screen the GU system and integrity of the pelvic floor diaphragm. The purpose of this webinar is to provide a further understanding of the relationship between the respiratory and pelvic diaphragms and how to incorporate the pelvic floor into post-COVID-19 physical therapy sessions.