Meet Snigdha Mehta

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Meet Snigdha Mehta, Chief Physiotherapist, at Snigdha Mehta’s Physiotherapy Centre in Mumbai, India.

I’ve been working as a Physical Therapist (PT) for the last 30 years in a private practice with a focus on orthopedics and women’s health in Mumbai, India. Throughout the years of practice, I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to take training in Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy from several pioneers of Physical Therapy across the world.

My first training in Women’s Health was with Elizabeth Noble in Cape Cod. Subsequently, I have attended all three obstetric courses and the three pelvic health courses (level 1 and 2) conducted by the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy (formerly called Section on Women’s Health).

I love attending courses organized by APTA Pelvic Health because…

  • The matter presented to us is based on global research, making the courses highly informative and authentic.
  • The explanation during practical sessions is very lucid and there is a very close supervision from the faculty
  • The teachers are highly committed and are happy to answer any number of questions asked
  • At the end of each course there is a written case study test, practical exam and online MCQ test
  • You get a certificate only if you pass all of these, making the certificate we get much more valuable.
  • Hence the courses ensure that we have understood the concepts very well, giving us the confidence and expertise necessary to treat a patient having Obstetric and Pelvic Health problems.

I consider myself fortunate in being one of the first ones in the Indian physiotherapy world to start an Obstetric Physiotherapy practice, although convincing OB/GYN consultants about the benefits of physiotherapy exercises, not only in normal pregnancy, but also in high risk and pregnant athletes, has been an uphill task.

After recently attending the Pelvic Health courses, I am trying to talk to doctors about our role as Pelvic Health physical therapists and how it could benefit the patients tremendously.

The reasons why the doctors do not refer patients to physical therapists who specialize in obstetric or pelvic health physical therapy is not based on financial constraints nor lack of accessibility. It is predominantly because they often do not know much about Pelvic Health Physical Therapy or lack confidence in the ability of the physical therapist.

With more evidence coming to light, a day will soon come when doctors feel safe to refer their pelvic health patients to physical therapists. If physical therapist and doctors work in collaboration with each other, patients will be the biggest beneficiaries.