Join APTA Advocacy Efforts, Add Your Voice to APTA Capitol Hill Day

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Send a Letter to Congress

Today, over 230 passionate advocates from the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) are making their voices heard on Capitol Hill. As part of APTA Capitol Hill Day, these advocates are rallying behind three crucial bills aimed at advancing the physical therapy profession and improving healthcare for all:

  1. Strengthening Medicare for Patients and Providers Act (H.R. 2474)
  2. Stopping Addiction and Falls for the Elderly Act, or SAFE Act (H.R. 7618)
  3. Expanded Telehealth Access Act (H.R. 3875/S. 2880)
Amplify the Message! Visit the APTA Action Center (2-3 minutes)

The power of advocacy doesn't end at Capitol Hill. We invite you to join your fellow colleagues in amplifying our message right from your own home. By taking just a few minutes to send a letter to Congress, you can add your voice to the chorus of support for these critical legislative initiatives.

We believe that physical therapy legislation should be a priority for Congress, and your involvement can help make that message loud and clear. Let's ensure that policymakers understand the vital role physical therapy plays in healthcare and society.

Send a Letter to Congress

Thank you for your advocacy!