CPG Pelvic Girdle Pain in the Postpartum Population

CP Guidelines (CPG),

Published in the January/March 2022 JWPHPT Issue.

Adrienne H. Simonds, PT, PhD (Lead), Karen Elizabeth Abraham, PT, PhD, Darla Bowen Cathcart, PhD, PT, DPT, Alaina Marie Newell, PT, DPT, Theresa Monaco Spitznagle, PT, DPT

In the first ever Clinical Practice Guidelines for Pelvic Girdle Pain in the Postpartum Population, Simonds and colleagues map out graded recommendations across 6 practice domains to support clinical decision-making. Notably, the synthesized evidence aligns well with the evolving pain science literature base, which has long been lacking where perinatal pelvic pain is concerned. These guidelines grade risk factors, prognostic factors, systems screening, evaluation, and interventions, all highlighting the fact that a pathoantomical care lens does not facilitate evidence-based care.

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