Call Your Members of Congress NOW to Prevent Medicare Cuts

Practice & Advocacy,

As the end of 2020 nears, we need your help now more than ever to fight the proposed 9% cut to physical therapy services under Medicare and make sure it does not go into effect on January 1, 2021. We need you to take a few minutes and call your members of Congress today and ask them to urge congressional leadership to include H.R. 8702, a bill introduced by Rep. Bera (D-CA) and Rep. Bucshon (R-IN), in critical upcoming end-of-year legislation.

Step One: The Ask

The ask for your members of Congress is to speak to party and committee leadership on the Medicare cut. This will be different based on the chamber and party of your legislators. Please be mindful of who you’re talking to and amend your ask accordingly. Please respond to this email if you have any questions or would like any guidance.

  • If your Representative is a Republican, request that they speak to Rep. McCarthy, Rep. Brady, and Rep. Walden
  • If your Representative is a Democrat, request that they speak to Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Neal, and Rep. Pallone
  • If your Senator is a Republican, request that they speak to Sen. McConnell and Sen. Grassley
  • If your Senator is a Democrat, request that they speak to Sen. Schumer and Sen. Wyden

Step Two: Call Your Members of Congress

Your Local Legislator Contact Information can be found by using the links below!

Step Three: Call Script (please be mindful of the capitalized areas, where you need to customize based on the office you are speaking with).

Hello! My name is YOUR NAME from YOUR CITY AND STATE. I would greatly appreciate your help if YOUR MEMBER OF CONGRESS could please urge RELEVANT CHAMBER AND PARTY LEADERSHIP to incorporate H.R. 8702 in the upcoming continuing resolution or any legislation moving through Congress during the lame duck session in order to prevent further damage and instability during this difficult time for patients and providers.


I appreciate your work and thank you for your time today.


We appreciate your help and resilience as we continue to #FightTheCut. We are so grateful for your advocacy on this issue that would have far-reaching and long-term repercussions to the profession and the patients we serve.