Ask Your Representative to Support Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

Posted By: Gail Heather Zitterkopf Practice & Advocacy,

Pelvic health physical therapy is a vital part of recovery in the postpartum period. However, many new mothers lack access to and awareness of the benefits of pelvic health physical therapy. Even some health care providers may not understand the importance of pelvic health physical therapy in the postpartum period.

The Optimizing Postpartum Outcomes Act (H.R. 8181), is APTA-supported bipartisan legislation that will raise awareness of the availability and importance of pelvic health services, particularly pelvic health physical therapy, for postpartum women covered by Medicaid and CHIP. H.R. 8181 is designed to address gaps in knowledge and access by providing guidance to state Medicaid and CHIP programs administering pelvic health services performed during the postpartum or neonatal period. It also authorizes programs to raise provider and patient awareness of the importance of pelvic health examinations and pelvic health physical therapy.

Currently, H.R. 8181 has 7 co-sponsors. We are looking to add more cosponsors and increase the chance that the bill will be added to a year-end legislative package. Take a minute and contact your representative today and ask them to cosponsor H.R. 8181.  

Instructing mothers and providers on the importance of pelvic health physical therapy is vital for preserving maternal health. It only takes a minute to let your members of Congress know that mothers using Medicaid and CHIP must be aware of and have access to pelvic health physical therapy.

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