A Beginner’s Insight into Pelvic Health

Posted By: Morgan Martinez Member Spotlight,

My experience at the APTA Pelvic Health level 1 (PH1) webinar and in-person lab were both extremely valuable learning opportunities. The most notable positive experience from the level 1 coursework was the educators and presenters. I went into the course uncertain of what to expect; however, I was relieved right from the start and knew that my future was in great hands. The instructors were passionate about the subject matter; their enthusiasm to share what they know created a motivational atmosphere that encouraged curiosity and provided further insight into the field of pelvic health. During the in-person lab portion, all the students that attended were respectful and engaged. This provided the optimal learning environment for both students who have yet to practice and for professionals who have been in the field for many years. Both aspects ensured that we were provided with the best tools and resources for our academic pursuits.

Although I have attended countless virtual lecture sessions, nothing compared to the PH1 webinar. Fortunately, the two female powerhouses, Whitney Bartley and Lori Mize lead the session. They were impressive and personable with their charming personalities. In addition, their educational and clinical experience provided great insight into various professional pathways within the field. I felt confident that they would be able to share and transmit important information in a way that was entertaining, yet also pertinent. I was amazed by the high-quality delivery and depth of information. It was set up in an organized manner that augmented student learning and allowed for improved retention of material. Although it was a full lecture from morning to evening, they both made the day interesting. In fact, the course flew right by until before I knew it, it was already time to wrap up for the day. Even through a virtual format, these two women were able to captivate and capture the importance of our roles as future pelvic health clinicians. It would not be hyperbole to describe both as inspiring and influential role models for those seeking to expand their careers. Overall, everyone that attended the Valencia lab was prepared and ready to learn. It was interesting to meet students and DPTs from all over the country, who were coming together to expand their professional scope of knowledge. The amount of dedication it takes to participate in the APTA’s stringent certification program is no easy task and I was astounded at the number of participants who were willing to tailor their busy schedules in order to travel and complete their first step towards practicing in the pelvic health specialty. Our day consisted of material review and instruction for performing an examination. For this portion, students and staff ensured that everyone felt comfortable. This experience was one of the most important aspects for learning to reproduce a similar patient environment that we will need to navigate in the future. Considering the personal nature of a pelvic floor examination, it will be imperative to create a setting that enhances patient safety and well-being. I know that all of those who attended these sessions will make great future clinicians in the field of pelvic health due to their commitment to learn and expand their knowledge. With such a wide range of backgrounds, each participant has a unique perspective to offer; this allows us to learn something useful from one another in a manner that is unlike many other organizations. As a result, we can share these different insights and apply them to the field of physical therapy to create an ever-evolving industry focusing on the success of the patient. It is rewarding to be a part of a community that values quality care and respect for the individual. I look forward to future lectures and for more hands-on experiences in the APTA Pelvic Health level 2 coursework.


Author: Morgan Rayne Martinez
2023 Scholarship Recipient 

Author Bio: Hello! My name is Morgan Martinez and I received my B.S. from California State University-Fullerton in Kinesiology. I am currently an SPT student at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. I hope to utilize my pelvic health expertise with American Indian communities, especially to empower pre and postpartum women!