Part 2 (Supplies and Equipment): What Do I Need for Starting My Pelvic Health Practice?

Posted By: Darla Bowen Cathcart, PhD Private Practice,

In part 1 of this “What Do I Need” series, I talked about wants and needs for the space in which you might be managing patients and clients with pelvic health conditions.  Here in part 2, I consider the supplies and equipment.

As far as supplies and needs go, there are the bare minimum or absolute needs, extending to the other end of the spectrum of the “If I had a million dollars” items.  Then there is the middle land of items that you should probably have, but could suffice without.  Those items in the in-between category are items that should be prioritized for acquiring as quickly as possible, and may consider putting on the start-up needs list for your employer.  However, if something had to be cut in order to get started, one (or more) of those items could potentially be put on hold.  (Sidebar note: from my years of experience, it seems it is always easier to get items at the program start than it may be to ask your purchase-decision-making boss for items later.  Consider ease of acquiring items early versus later when making your program start-up needs/wants list.)

Now as you read how I have categorized all these items, keep in mind this is my personal opinion that I have developed over 10 years of clinical practice, having worked with patients with pelvic pain in a private outpatient clinic, a hospital-based outpatient clinic, an outpatient program that was housed inside the hospital, and a clinic housed in a physician’s suite.  With that in mind, here is how I would prioritize the items you will desperately need, sort of need, and want for your pelvic health practice.

There you have it!  My suggestion of items for getting your pelvic health practice started!  The final part of the series, Part 3, will cover resources for getting your clinic started.