Website Maintenance Between June 26, 2023-July 1, 2023

Academy News,
June 28, 2023
We are currently migrating to a new website. You may experience delays in accessing your account, the learning center, course information, and other website features between June 28, 2023-July 1, 2023. You may receive an automated e-mail notification when your login has been set up in the new system. Read below on how to best prepare for our AMS and LMS transitions.

An Enhanced Membership and Learning Experience

The Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy is constantly striving to provide members with the best possible experiences and services. To achieve this goal, we have decided to upgrade our existing membership and learning management systems to more advanced platforms. This transition will take place at the end of June 2023 and will enable us to offer you enhanced, mobile-friendly features, improved reliability, and a smoother membership and learning center experience.

While we are excited about the positive changes this system upgrade will bring, we understand that technology transitions can sometimes result in temporary inconveniences. We want to assure you that we are taking every precaution to minimize any disruptions to our services and to ensure a seamless transition. We are optimistic about the opportunities this transition presents to our community and are eager to see how our new platforms will transform your digital membership and professional development experience at the Academy.

All members, non-members, and past course registrants will receive an email notice by the end of June with instructions on how to log in to access the new systems. We highly encourage you to review the information listed below to equip yourself with helpful tips on how to navigate and best prepare for the system transition.

During this transition period, we kindly request your patience and understanding as we work diligently to enhance your overall experience. We will keep you informed about the progress of the system transition and any important updates that may affect you.

About the New Systems

Member Compass powered by NoviAMS (Membership Portal)

We are excited to offer a new membership account experience where you will experience enhanced access to membership benefits, an improved online store, and a smoother event registration process. If you have consented to be featured in PT Locator in our current system, you will notice enhancements to our PT Locator website. Additional improvements and updates will be made to PT Locator following the initial launch.

Member Engage powered by (Social Community)

We are excited to launch our new digital community platform (which will be accessible through your membership account) where you will be able to connect and engage with fellow Academy members based on your interests and career stage. You will be able to access our digital Membership Lounge where you will find the latest news, reminders, and event information from the Academy. You will have opportunities to join and engage in topic-specific membership interest groups.

Learning Center powered by Canvas LMS (Learning Center)

We are excited to offer a new learning experience via Canvas which is a leading learning management system admired by many educational institutions around the globe. The new Learning Center includes enhanced and mobile-friendly course material access, digital badges, embedded videos, assignment submission forms, resource pages, and an overall improved course experience.

What You Need To Know

Save Your Past Certificates, Receipts, and Transcripts

The transition is tentatively set to end by June 30, 2023. During the last week of June, you may experience occasional difficulty accessing your account, certificates, receipts, and courses. We highly recommend that you take this time to log in to your Legacy Account and download any information you wish to retain such as your course certificates, receipts, and course materials. Limited historical information will be transferred to the new platforms. See step-by-step instructions at the bottom of this email for additional guidance. Watch this video on how to best prepare or read this handout on how to best prepare.

Only certificates earned after June 30, 2023, will be available on the new platform. Any course certificate that was earned prior will not be migrated to the new Learning Center. If you believe you need a record of your completed courses, then you must download and save those certificates.

Certain states require a certificate or transcript information to approve your contact hours for CEU approval and for licensure renewal. We recommend that you download all certificates and transcripts and save them in your personal records in case this information is requested by your state licensing board.

Account Email Notifications

Moving to the new systems means that each individual will receive an automated e-mail alert informing them that Aika Barzhaxynova or APTA Pelvic Health has set up an Account Login for them. Please note that this is not a spam email and is just an automated notification in our new system that alerts you when your account is ready for you to use. When you receive this e-mail, please make sure to click on RESET YOUR PASSWORD

Accessing Past & Upcoming Courses

Course registrants usually receive online course material access 2 weeks prior to a scheduled course and then have 30 days after the course to complete their surveys and final exams.

  • All Past Courses (Before July 2023) – If you have registered for a course that occurred this year but have not yet completed your final exam, please log in and complete your exam by June 25, 2023. If you do not complete your exam by then, you will need to wait until you gain access to the new Learning Center in the first week of July. For those who have attended courses in June, we will provide you with 2 extra weeks beyond the 30-day limit to complete your exams in the new Learning Center. All May and June course registrants will receive an e-mail in July with an invitation to complete their exams in the new Learning Center. If you have already finished your exam and passed it, please stay tuned for an update to your account later in July which will list the total contact hours earned and earned badges.
  • All Upcoming Courses (July 2023 & Beyond) – If you have registered for a course that will occur in July, you will be able to access the new Learning Center starting in July. Before then, you will receive an email from the Academy office with temporary access to course materials so that you can review pre-readings and other pre-coursework before your upcoming course. All July course registrants should have received an e-mail with course materials attached in case you experience any technical issues due to this transition. You will be able to take the final post-course exam in July via the new Learning Center.

On-Demand Course Access

If you have purchased an on-demand course through the Academy’s old Learning Center, we recommend that you complete your course by June 25, 2023, so that you do not experience any interruptions during the final days of transition. Log in to your Legacy Account. If you need more time to complete your course, we recommend that you wait until July 3, 2023, to complete your exam in the new system. After the system transition is complete, the Academy office will transfer your course registration to the new Learning Center where you will be able to access your course materials and final exam. If you started a survey or exam after June 25, 2023, your progress may not be saved and you may have to restart the survey or exam in the new system after we transition. An email with instructions will be sent to you in the first week of July.

PT Locator

If you made any changes to your PT Locator listing BEFORE June 25, 2023, as we have previously encouraged you to do, your latest listing is up-to-date and can be found at If you are a current member, we highly encourage you to take advantage of this member-exclusive benefit. Login to your Member Compass today and update your PT Locator listing, add a profile photo, and add all your specialties. All updates are immediate and are reflected at

Impact on Academy Elections

This website transition has NO EFFECT on the Academy Elections. If you are a current APTA Pelvic Health member, we encourage you to cast your vote by 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, June 30, 2023 at Thank you for voting!

Get Help

We understand that transitions are not easy and as much as we plan for them, we may experience some technical glitches in the first couple of weeks. Our staff members are available to assist you with login issues, learning center issues, and more during our office hours (Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time). Send us a message today to get help.

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