New Podcast Launched by the Early-Professional SIG & Ep 1: Many Paths to Pelvic PT

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The Academy of Pelvic Health’s Early Professional Special Interest Group (EPSIG) is excited to announce thier new podcast, “Hello Obturator”! Feel free dial into their latest episode to get the 411 on the growing profeesion of pelvic health PT. 

Episode 1- “Many Paths to Pelvic PT”

The growing profession of pelvic floor physical therapy has attracted clinicians with a wide variety of backgrounds. In today’s episode we meet with 4 pelvic floor PTs who took different avenues to join the practice. Ebony Carothers, Natalia Susul, Aimee Clements and Christine Klein discuss their unique advantages and challenges of transitioning into pelvic health. 

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