My Journey into Pelvic Health

Posted By: Sadie Victoria Sirls Member Spotlight,

I began my journey into pelvic health navigating personal issues post-partum. During my pregnancy, I sought resources, courses, and information to prepare for the birthing process. Nothing really prepared me for giving birth to an 11-pound baby and what came after. He was delivered via cesarean and I figured once I was healed from the surgery I could ‘bounce back’. 3 months later I began to really notice how foreign my body felt. I was previously a yoga instructor and developed a deep sense of self-awareness that I cherished and at this point, I did not feel that connection anymore. I was a new mother, breastfeeding, and about to begin a physical therapy program so I decided to place my problems on the back burner. During my first year of the program I reached out to a professor about my issues and she mentioned my pelvic floor. This was a very new concept to me, and I didn’t make the connection of how that would contribute to what I was going through. I began to research online and had more exposure through guest lectures and courses in the program. My interest was officially piqued, and I decided to pursue a clinical rotation at a pelvic health clinic close to home. A level one pelvic health course was required before I could be considered for this site, and I decided to go for it. This course was my lightbulb moment. I was terrified before taking the course but, by the end, I was just so excited to share what I had learned. I think there are many others who are unaware of the vitality of pelvic floor health and need that moment of clarity that I had. I believe many suffer in silence because they do not feel comfortable even bringing up the topic and I want to change that. I want to be the resource that was not available to me during my pregnancy and following delivery. I am very excited to learn more and continue healing.

Author: Sadie Sirls, SPT
2023 Scholarship Recipient 

Author Bio: 3rd year SPT, Mother, and East Texan