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Bristol Stool Chart

Bristol Stool Chart

The Bristol Stool Chart is a helpful tool for understanding and monitoring your digestive health. This user-friendly chart classifies stool types into seven distinct categories, helping you easily assess and communicate your bowel movements. Whether you're managing gastrointestinal issues or simply want to maintain a healthy digestive system, this chart is your trusted companion. If you are a clinician, this is a great resource to have available for your patients at your practice. You may download and print this chart at your convenience.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-Use: With clear visual representations and descriptions, the Bristol Stool Chart simplifies the complex world of bowel movements.

  • Health Monitoring: Track your stool type over time to identify patterns and potential concerns, making it easier to discuss with your healthcare provider.

  • Improved Communication: Enhance your ability to discuss your digestive health with medical professionals, ensuring more accurate diagnoses and treatments.

  • Suitable for All Ages: From children to adults, the Bristol Stool Chart is a valuable resource for individuals of all ages.

Reference: S. J. Lewis & K. W. Heaton (1977) Stool Form Scale as a Useful Guide to Intestinal Transit Time,
Scandinavian Journal of Gastroentorology, 32:9, 920-924, DOI: 10.3109/00365529709011203 - PMID: 9299672

Disclaimer: This derivative illustration was created to support patient education and is not a substitute for
professional medical guidance. For medical advice, please consult your healthcare provider.

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