Nominating Committee Member


To provide the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy with a slate of exceptionally qualified candidates who will excel in serving the membership and advancing the profession. 

  1. Develop and recommend to APHPT staff and APHPT Board of Directors (BOD) any changes to the nomination and election timeline each year.
  2. Develop necessary tools to identify and vet potential future candidates while maintaining confidentiality.
  3. Obtain current BOD direction regarding the required and desired skills and knowledge the BOD would like to have fulfilled in the future slate of candidates. 
  4. Actively solicit and vet potential candidates to serve in leadership positions by communicating with:
    1. Members - The NC will communicate directly with members who have been recommended for positions by other members or identified by the NC.
    2. Board of Directors - The NC is encouraged to collect a list of skills, backgrounds, and knowledge the BOD needs to be an effective BOD.
    3. Past Presidents Advisory Committee  - The NC may solicit recommendations from the PPAC. The PPAC has extensive BOD training, knowledge, and expertise and may be able to identify members at large that may be a suitable fit for APHPT positions. Although the NC finalizes its deliberations and the ballot, it can benefit from the insights and recommendations of the PPAC.
    4. Volunteer Committee (VC) - The NC may reach out to the VC to request recommendations for prospective leaders within the volunteer applicant pool.
  5. Encourage all APHPT members to participate in identifying future leaders by submitting nominations.
  6. Conduct committee business through scheduled committee meetings and correspondence.
  7. Ensure guidelines for submission of candidate information are met.
  8. Collect and organize all nomination recommendations and potential candidate applications.
  9. Review all candidate statements to ensure uniformity and completion. 
  10. Answer member inquiries pertaining to nominations and elections.
  11. Review the Election Results Report provided by the third-party election voting platform for accuracy.
  12. Present Election Results Report to the BOD prior to the announcement of the newly elected members. 
  13. Announce election results (in-person or virtually) to the membership at the annual General Business Meeting.
  14. Review the election website for information accuracy and share suggested content edits. 
  15. Refrain from endorsing specific APHPT or APTA candidates. 
  16. Write and submit committee activity reports, with specific candidate information redacted, on a quarterly basis to the BOD.
  • Communication will be conducted through electronic or in-person methods. All Committee members are expected to respond to communications within 7 days. 
  • Must be an APTA Pelvic Health member in good standing for at least 2 consecutive, uninterrupted years without membership lapses immediately preceding elections and must maintain active membership in good standing throughout the volunteer term
  • Past volunteer service to the APHPT (required)
  • Willingness to be accountable for position responsibilities and commit to required volunteer time on the committee 
  • Experience or knowledge in recruitment, networking, nominations, and elections (preferred)

Times listed below may fluctuate depending on changing business priorities and the urgency of critical discussions and votes that must take place.

  • Electronic Communication: 1 hour/month
  • Networking & Outreach: 1-3 hours/month
  • Nominations Period: 3-4 hours
  • Elections Period: 1-3 hours during election month
  • Review and vet candidate applications: 5-10 hours

Nominating Committee