We are Seeking Members to Join the Pelvic Health Outcome Tool Task Force

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Task Force Goal:

  • Develop an updated master list of approved outcome tools for pelvic health physical therapy.
  • Share the final approved outcome tool document for final distribution to Academy members


  • Review current outcome tools listed on APHPT and APTA websites that are listed for use by PFPT 
  • Research additional outcome tools that are relevant to PFPT practice that are not currently listed on either site.
  • Coordinate with the education group to assure outcome tools listed in APHPT courses are included in document.
  • Coordinate with APTA for publication of Academy updated outcome list on APTA website 
  • Develop a masterlist of evidence-based PFPT outcome tools to present to APHPT BOD for approval.

Openings: 3

Task Force Timeline (timeline is subject to change)

  • May 2024 – call for volunteers
  • July 2024 -  volunteer selection
  • August 2024 - 1st zoom call with Task Force members for Kim PG to outline project, objectives, timeline, etc.
  • December 2024 - coordinate with APTA Practice on document
  • January 2025 - draft document to BOD for review and discussion
  • February 2025 (pre-CSM) - publication of outcome tool document



  • You must be a current APTA Pelvic Health member and must maintain current APTA Pelvic Health membership throughout their term
  • You must be currently treating patients
  • You must be familiar with outcome tools

Fiscal Implications

his is a volunteer service position. Unless otherwise noted in the fiscal year's board-approved budget, there is no financial reimbursement or compensation for volunteers.

Travel Requirements

There are no current travel requirements.

REQUIRED FORMS (Please complete these forms and upload them in your application)