Responsiveness of Health-Related Quality of Life Patient-Reported Outcome Measures in Women...

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Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy | Responsiveness of health-related quality of life patient-reported outcome measures in women receiving conservative treatment for urinary incontinence: a systematic review

Stéphanie Bernard, PT, MS, Alice Pellichero, MSc, OT,  Linda McLean, PT, PhD, Hélène Moffet, PT, PhD

There are currently 16 patient reported outcome measures for the measurement of health-related quality of life with a Grade A recommendation by the International Consultation on Urological Disease for women with urinary incontinence (UI). 

Since these measures have mainly been studied in the context of surgical or pharmaceutical management of UI, increasing our understanding of the responsiveness of these measures in a conservative management setting would be helpful to guide practice and research in selecting a PROM with strong responsiveness properties. That is exactly what Bernard et al. set out to do with their systematic review.

Read the systematic review to help  guide your clinical and research outcome measure choices.