JWPHPT Volume 45, Issue 3 Highlights

Posted By: Cynthia Michelle Chiarello Research & Knowledge,

July/September 2021 Highlights

Volume 45 – Issue 3

“This issue contains valuable articles, which are immediately applicable in your pelvic health practice. Dockter and colleagues surveyed physical therapy students from 3 distinct programs regarding their comfort level in discussing sexual issues with patients including the influence of demographics and perceived barriers.

In a retrospective study of individuals with interstitial cystitis, Crouss and Whitmore compared voiding dysfunction in those with nonsevere and severe pelvic floor dysfunction. They also examined the relationship between urodynamic and cystoscopic findings to symptom severity in those with interstitial cystitis.

Fricke and associates completed a systematic review on the impact of pelvic floor muscle training interventions on urinary incontinence in women older than 50 years. The authors incorporate clinical recommendations based on the findings of this review. 

In a prospective study, Foster et al compared hip muscle strength and pelvic floor muscle strength and endurance in women with and without the lower urinary tract symptoms of urgency and frequency. The authors advocate incorporating hip muscle strengthening in the care of these individuals. 

Completing this issue, Crowle and Harley present a clinical case series of 33 women illustrating the clinical outcomes of biotensegrity-focused therapy for pelvic organ prolapse.”

– Cynthia M. Chiarello, PT, PhD Editor-in-Chief