Call for Academy Member Input on House of Delegates Motions and APTA Election Candidate Slate!

Posted By: Secili Hurley DeStefano Academy News,

The Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy (APTA Pelvic Health) delegates will be interviewing candidates for the APTA Board of Directors (BOD) and Nominating Committee (NC) this month and next month, as well as, voting on motions that direct the course of our profession in the House of Delegates (HOD) in September.

It is a very exciting year as it’s the first time in our history that the APTA Pelvic Health is able to vote in the House of Delegates.

We are reaching out to solicit input from members on the proposed Motions and Slate of Candidates.

APTA Board and Nominating Committee Candidates

Who do you believe should be included on the APTA Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee and why?

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Things to consider:

  1. What are your “pain points” in the PT profession and practice? Examples that the three of us have discussed based on what we have heard from you so far include 4 interrelated pillars that we are passionate about: Reimbursement/Payment, Student Debt, Access to Care, and Administrative Burden/Burnout. What’s important to you and how should this inform our votes?
  2. We will get to know and have the ear of the APTA BOD and NC in the coming years. This will afford us unique opportunities to enact change on your behalf and we will work tirelessly to represent your interests.
  3. We will also have opportunities over the next 3 years to bring Motions to the HOD floor. Now is the time for us to inform change. What would you like us to consider?
  4. Don’t forget that we also need to help come up with solutions to these problems. Please let us know if you have suggestions for how best to address these “pain points” from a global or nationwide perspective. Are there other things you’d like us to know?

House of Delegate Motions

Some of the important topics included in Packet 1 for the House of Delegates that we would like your thoughts and opinions on include:

  • Expanding voting rights for Physical Therapist Assistants in the House of Delegates
  • Permitting Chapters and Sections the right to seat Physical Therapist Assistants as Delegates
  • Expanding voting rights to include Student Engagement Group Delegates in the House of Delegates
  • Creating a process for prioritization of Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, and Vulnerable Health Populations in the site selection of APTA National Events
  • Developing Resources to Address Productivity Standards
  •  Promoting Physical Therapist Services as Essential for People Who Have Had COVID-19
  • Adopting a position on APTA’s commitment to being an anti-racist organization

 Submit Your Comments & Questions

Thank you in advance for reviewing and sharing your ideas and thoughts with us!