Global Women's Health Initiative 2023 Grant Program: Apply by Nov 1, 2023

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GWHI's Mission

The heart of GWHI's mission is to transform women's lives by informing, educating, and engaging with the community of physical therapists around the world. One integral way we seek to support education and progress within the physical therapy community is by offering monetary grants. We currently offer single-year grants focused on finding modern solutions for urgent women's health issues, such as Pelvic Floor Trauma, Prolapse, Genital Mutilation, Osteoporosis, Breast Health, and more. GWHI is proud to award five grants in the amount of $1,000 in 2023.

Eligibility Requirements

GWHI requires that grant applicants identify with at least one of the following communities:
1. A current physical therapy (PT) student
2. A physical therapist who is currently practicing and wants to increase education about women’s and pelvic health PT
3. A doula who is wanting to increase education about women’s and pelvic health PT

Grant Amount

GWHI is pleased to announce the availability of five grants, each with a maximum award of $1,000.

The Grant Application Process
Step One: Submit a Letter of Inquiry 

Letters of Inquiry will be accepted June 1st, 2023 - September 1st, 2023.
Letters of Inquiry and required documentation can be submitted to (309) 256-0961

Your Letter of Inquiry (LOI) should include the following components:
■ your name, your role, the organization’s name (if applicable), and the program you are requesting funding for
■ give details about your programming and explain the need for your program, what problem you are addressing, and for whom (your target population)
■ anticipated deliveries*
■ how your program connects to the mission of Global Women's Health Initiative

*Deliverables are defined as quantifiable goods or services that must be provided upon the completion
of a project


During the month of September, the GWHI Board of Directors will evaluate LOIs based on the following criteria:
■ The proposed project addresses an identified community need and is practical
■ Project goals are clear and include anticipated deliverables
■ The project is aligned with the mission and beliefs of GWHI

Step Two: Submit Full Grant Application by invitation only

After evaluating your Letter of Inquiry, you will be notified in September if GWHI invites you to submit a full proposal. GWHI will send you the Full Grant Application document upon notification. Grants are awarded in November based on a vote from the GWHI Board of Directors after prospective grant recipients have successfully completed all steps of the GWHI grant process.

Step Three: Grant Awards

■ Individuals will be notified by November if they are being placed on the final membership ballot for grant consideration
■ Grants are awarded based on a formal vote of the GWHI Board of Directors in late November

Step Four: Follow-up

Grantees will be expected to complete a total of four quarterly check-ins with GWHI regarding the status of their project and the progress of the outcomes. This is also the time to submit media (photos/videos) from your project. Grantees should submit receipts/proof of where the GWHI grant funds were used. The grantee will be required to submit proof of certification/course completion if the project is education-based.


Apply by November 1, 2023, following the instructions above for consideration.

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