Exploring the Mysteries Down Under - My Pelvic Floor Therapy Adventure

Posted By: Shanita Fernandes Member Spotlight,

My initial reaction to "Pelvic floor Physical Therapy" was, "What?".

During my time in school, pelvic floor therapy was given minimal attention, and like many others, I was more drawn to more main stream specialities.  Fast forward five years and I came to realize the importance of holistic healthcare. This realization instilled a deep sense of pride in my chosen profession.

My journey took a significant turn when I had the privilege of shadowing a pelvic health physical therapist named Laura Rosbach at my workplace. Her approach, thought process, and execution seemed almost magical to me and I was instantly captivated. I began taking courses in this field and soon discovered that even subtle changes can have a profound impact on the lives of individuals - men, women, children or anyone with a pelvic floor.

My passion for pelvic floor therapy is continually fuelled by articles, publications, community involvement, and ongoing education. This passion led me to apply for the Early-Professional CAPP Course Scholarship Program, where I am eager to explore one of the most transformative experiences the human body undergoes – pregnancy. I look forward to learning, observing, and practicing under the guidance of esteemed instructors and engaging in top-tier research.

I take immense pride in my work, and this opportunity will undoubtedly broaden my skill set and deepen my understanding of the field. I am incredibly excited to embark on this educational journey to participate in the OBF webinar series for November 2023.

Author: Shanita Fernandes, PT, 2023 PT/PTA CAPP Scholarship Recipient

Author Bio: Shanita Fernandes is a Physical therapist located in Central MA. After her Graduation from physical therapy school in Pune, India, Shanita went on to pursue her masters at University of Pittsburgh. She moved to central MA to live close to her sister's family. She is a proud auntie of 4.