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Earn CEUs and Advance Your Career This Summer!

Summer is the perfect time to invest in your professional growth. Enroll in our pelvic and obstetric health physical therapy courses to earn CEUs and enhance your expertise. Whether you're looking to deepen your knowledge or stay ahead in your field, our summer courses offer the perfect opportunity to expand your skills and meet fellow professionals in the pelvic and abdominal health physical therapy field. Don't miss out on this chance to learn from industry leaders and network with fellow professionals!




⭐ Recent Comments from Course Attendees

These remarks have been collected from a variety of Academy courses from this past spring.

  • "My patients are doing better and I feel more confident."
  • "As a student I saw several PTs who "dabbled" in pelvic health, and were unable to give well-rounded care. It was important to me starting out in pelvic floor PT that I have a solid foundation of knowledge no matter how many pelvic patients I saw or what diagnoses I worked with. Taking levels 1 and 2 classes and labs set me up to treat some complex cases, and adding level 3 helped me put it all together for patients who need even more specialty care." - Grace W.
  • "The course materials and lab books are very nice to look back on." 
  • "This program is remarkable! I highly recommend the CAPP certification. I personally feel increased confidence and comfort toward treating my patients after learning from such intelligent instructors." 
  • "I personally feel increased improvement in both my assessment and treatments in the past year. I have a further understanding of best practices for this patient population." 
  • "This program helped me fall in love with pelvic health, and I feel I found my purpose in the physical therapy field."
  • "I love these courses! I feel the lecture material is highly informative, and I appreciate how the material reflects current research. I also love the labs. I gained confidence with my manual skills, and I met other pelvic therapists in the process!" 
  • "I enjoyed reflecting on my treatment, and realizing the growth I gained through this process."
  • "I've learned a lot and it has helped me to branch out on my own in rural Jamaica where i can help as many people as I can. A big plus for me, was the ability to travel once (international) and complete the rest of courses online."
  • "Through the CAPP pelvic course, I was able to practice pelvic floor physical therapy in the field of urology for the first time in Korea. The professional curriculum, warm people, and cooperative atmosphere maximized learning efficiency.  This was a truly fantastic educational experience that made a huge difference in my life as a therapist."
  • "The course instructors all tried to help with a cooperative attitude and became colleagues I could ask questions whenever I had questions."
  • "Without a doubt, this is a fantastic program. I am recommending this to people around me who are interested in the pelvic floor specialist training course."
  • "The CAPP OB and CAPP Pelvic program has been a challenge to my clinical decision-making and a welcomed opportunity for growth in my clinical development for these patient populations. I chose to pursue them not for the accomplishment but to be able to serve my patients to the best of my ability, using the knowledge and the investment I have made in the academy and these courses. I am thankful for this opportunity!" 
  • "The CAPP program was very effective and provides a great way to showcase my knowledge as a pelvic health PT."
  • "The CAPP-Pelvic Courses allowed me to feel proficient enough to treat a wide variety of pelvic patients in a rural setting." 
  • "This program is a gift. I feel lucky to be a part of the APTA and to have wonderful instructors to learn from and improve my skill set. I highly recommend the CAPP program!" 
  • "These courses improved my confidence and assisted toward treating my patient caseload. I learned valuable skills to help my patients." 
  • "The CAPP-Pelvic process has been an incredible learning experience that has only helped to sharpen and advance my clinical skills by pushing me out of my comfort zone. I would highly recommend this process for anyone looking to improve their patient outcomes and grow as a clinician." - Kayla K.
  • "I feel well prepared to care for the pregnant and postpartum population and even more passionate about caring for this group."
  • "LOVED the coursework and I feel much more confident when treating this population." 
  • "I felt that I have been surrounded by instructors and reviewers that want you to succeed with the process, nourish growth and empower women!"

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