Sarah Shimanek


Physical Therapist (PT)

Member Since: 2013


Akasha Physiotherapy

Practice Description

Akasha Physiotherapy provides physical therapy services for men and women with musculoskeletal dysfunctions related to urinary incontinence, fecal/bowel incontinence, constipation, pelvic pain, endometriosis, vaginismus, vulvodynia, coccyx/tailbone pain, sexual pain and dysfunction, as well as pregnancy and postpartum rehabilitation, to mention a few. Dr. Sarah Shimanek, PT, DPT, PRPC is a doctor of physical therapy and a certified pelvic rehabilitation practitioner, with training in pelvic rehabilitation, visceral manipulation, pain science, and yoga as medicine. Sarah uses these tools to address your disorder in a functional and holistic way, helping you to make the changes necessary to live a fuller, stronger, pain-free, and incontinence free life.


Bowel Incontinence, Breast Cancer, Breast Oncology, Constipation, Fibromyalgia, Male Incontinence, Male Pelvic Health, Orthopedics, Osteoporosis, Pelvic Oncology, Pelvic Pain, Pregnancy and PostPartum, Pregnancy/Postpartum, Transgender Pelvic Health, Urinary Incontinence

Type of Practice

Outpatient Clinic/Private Practice, Patient's Home/Home Care

Patient Population Focus

Women, Men, Transgender

ABPTS Board Certifications

Women's Health Physical Therapy

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By appointment only

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