Amanda Mary Bachman


Physical Therapist (PT)

Member Since: 2011

Photo of Amanda Mary Bachman
Photo of Amanda Mary Bachman

Year Earned

CAPP-Pelvic Certified | 2019 April

ABPTS Board Certifications

Women's Health Physical Therapy

Other Certifications

Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Women’s Health Physical Therapy

Languages Spoken



RESTORE Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

Patient Population Focus

Children, Women, Men, Transgender


Bowel Incontinence, Constipation, Orthopedics, Osteoporosis, Pediatric Pelvic Health, Pelvic Pain, Pregnancy and PostPartum, Pregnancy/Postpartum, Transgender Pelvic Health, Urinary Incontinence

Type of Practice

Patient's Home/Home Care

Practice Description

Cash based mobile PT practice specializing in the treatment of pelvic floor related conditions for women of all ages. Prenatal and postpartum care are the primary focus of practice.

Home Visits