Meet Kayla Harris, PT, DPT

Member Spotlight,

Kayla grew up on a small farm in Helena, Montana, participating in almost every outdoor activity available. Kayla had many injuries, both small and large along the way, which required rehabilitation to return to them. “At the time, I did not know that I would be a physical therapist. Over time, I came to realize that this is my passion.  Because of this, I absolutely understand that getting patients of all ages back to the activity of their choice is very important” says Kayla.

A few years ago, Kayla had worked with a ninety-year-old gentleman who had sacroiliac dysfunction and low back pain, who wanted to return to downhill skiing. Kayla pulled out all the stops for this gentleman, and had made some progress, but had hit a plateau with him. This made him feel uncomfortable returning to skiing. During this time, Kayla signed up for the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy’s Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Level 1 course. Little did Kayla know that by utilizing some knowledge and techniques just from this first course, for what would appear to be a non-pelvic health related diagnosis, Kayla was able to get this gentleman to be pain free and skiing with improved confidence in just two visits!

“This was a huge turning point for me, it was as if I had a huge light bulb go off in my head. This not only made me realize the importance of pelvic health, but that I should take a more holistic approach to patients of all diagnoses in order to fully rehabilitate them,” says Kayla.

Kayla has been able to utilize the knowledge and techniques from this one Academy course myself throughout my own journey with infertility treatments and procedures. Kayla have developed a genuine interest in Pelvic Health but has been unable to pursue more classes due to COVID-19. Kayla currently works for a small specialty hospital where she gets to collaborate with several different specialty providers, to provide a more interdisciplinary team environment. Being able to provide a more holistic and team approach has been able to improve my patient’s outcomes as well as compliance. “I am so honored and excited to be able to continue pursuing more Pelvic Health classes in order to better myself as a Therapist as well as progress towards a CAPP Certification. It warms my heart to be a part of this wonderful and supportive community and I look forward to spreading this supportiveness in my own practice,” says Kayla.

Written by Kayla Harris, PT, DPT