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Soul Source

Soul Source

Vaginal Dilators and Sexual Health Products            Tel. 888-325-5870

Our mission at Soul Source is to help women regain and maintain their sexual health. Soul Source is the original designer of these progressively sized vaginal dilators, and, as always, they are still made in the United States. We manufacture two lines of vaginal dilators and carry other products that help women address their pelvic pain issues.

Our silicone dilators come in 8 progressive sizes and have a texture that resembles body tissue. These dilators are smooth, without any indentations or engraving, which makes them more comfortable to use and easier to clean. They can be purchased individually or in convenient sets.

Our GRS/Rigid Plastic dilators come in 6 progressive sizes and are recommended by surgeons throughout the world that perform vaginoplasty surgery for transgender women. They are also useful when a firmer dilator is needed.

As a woman-owned business, Soul Source is committed to making a difference globally.  We continually donate dilators to many international organizations, such as Fistula Foundation and Freedom From Fistula.  We also help to support other organizations such as Clitoraid, and local cancer charities like Cervivor. Please visit the blog section of our website for more information about our charitable work.

  Company: Soul Source

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