Heather Michele Jeffcoat


CEO/Physical Therapist

13425 Ventura Boulevard Suite 200 Sherman Oaks, CA 91423-3974 United States

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Photo of Heather Michele Jeffcoat


Heather Jeffcoat

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Practice Description

Offices in Beverly Hills, Sherman Oaks, & Pasadena, CA specializing in pregnancy care, birth prep services, postpartum recovery, incontinence, chronic pelvic pain (endometriosis, IC/Painful bladder syndrome, vulvodynia etc) and sexual dysfunction (vaginismus, PGAD, vestibulodynia etc). Her staff includes orthopedic PTs, certified lymphedema therapists, massage therapists and trauma therapists, making it a one stop retreat for your pelvic and general health. All services are 1 on 1 for 1-2 hours with licensed physical therapists--We go with science, and know your pelvic floor 'issues' go beyond what is happening in your pelvic floor and treat you as the whole person to resolve your pain or dysfunction.


Bowel Incontinence, Breast Cancer, Breast Oncology, Constipation, Fibromyalgia, Lymphedema, Male Incontinence, Male Pelvic Health, Orthopedics, Osteoporosis, Pediatric Pelvic Health, Pelvic Oncology, Pelvic Pain, Pregnancy/Postpartum, Transgender Pelvic Health, Urinary Incontinence, Diastasis recti, Lipedema, Pessary Management, Pregnancy and PostPartum, Sexual Health, Trauma, Women's Health

Type of Practice

Outpatient Clinic/Private Practice, Wellness/Prevention/Sports/Fitness Center, Patient's Home/Home Care

Patient Population Focus

Children, Women, Men, Transgender, Adolescents

Other Certifications

Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist

Languages Spoken

English, Spanish

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