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SRC Health

SRC Health

Discover how SRC Health can help and attract female patients whilst increasing your profits.

Designed by women for women, in consultation with an obstetrician and endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and the Australian College of Midwives, these evidence-based maternity compression garments provide relief of pain during pregnancy and faster recovery after delivery and post-surgery. There’s also a revolutionary new garment for mild stress urinary incontinence and prolapse.

  Pregnancy Shorts & Leggings assist with Low Back Pain, Pelvic Girdle Pain, Mild Varicose Veins, and Vulval Varicosities.

  Recovery Shorts & Leggings can fast-track recovery after pregnancy; Abdominal Muscle Separation, Perineal Tears and Stitches, C-Section wounds, and Low Back Pain.

  Restore Shorts assists with Light Stress Urinary Incontinence & Mild Bladder and Uterine Prolapse and are a Trusted Partner of National Association for Continence. The product is revolutionary in the way it provides a potential proprioceptive feedback loop, thus activating pelvic floor muscles, and minimizing or preventing leaking.

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