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We know how it feels to search for that one software that just 'gets' your clinic's unique needs. We’ve been there too, and it’s actually how Jane App came to life.

Jane App is a clinic management software and EMR that’s built to help make clinic life easier for you. 💙

When our co-founder, Ali, was running her clinic, she was looking for a software that would be user-friendly for both patients and practitioners, with powerful features and an intuitive design. When she couldn’t find the right fit, our other co-founder, Trevor, offered to build her a solution. Fast forward 10 years and that solution is now Jane App.

Today, Jane offers helpful features like easy online booking, flexible scheduling, customizable documentation, a secure payment solution, and more. Jane even helps you get paid on time and in full with integrated insurance billing.

And the best part is that with Jane, you’re not alone! Support is unlimited, so you can rely on our friendly team to answer any questions that come up at any point in your Jane journey.

Head to to book a 1-on-1 demo with a member of our support team. Or, if you know you’re ready to get started, use the code APTAPH1MO at sign-up for a 1-month grace period on your new account.

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