Support the Optimizing Postpartum Outcomes Act H.R. 2480

Posted By: Gail Heather Zitterkopf Practice & Advocacy,

Interested in supporting your profession?

Not sure how to become more involved? Limited on time? Begin your support with a few easy steps in under 2 minutes to support the profession.

  1.  Download the APTA Advocacy App
  2. Select “Federal Action Center.”
  3. Select “APTA Member” which will populate your personal data. Or “Patients/Non-support.
  4. Select the issue of interest to support. H.R. 2480: Raise Awareness of the importance of Optimizing Postpartum Outcomes (OPO) Act.
  5. Review your personal data/have the patient enter their data.
  6. Review the form letter and add your own personal concern.
  7. Select “Send Email”

If time allows, consider reviewing and supporting all the current issues in the app.

Watch Video How-To

Other Ideas to Increase Support

  1. Reposting your support on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This can easily be selected once you have sent your email. Or consider copying a few sentences to your notepad for editing. Then copy and paste into social media.
  2. Consider utilizing hashtags #PTAdvocacy #Legislator #ChoosePT #TPTA (your state chapter) @aptatweets for both Twitter and Instagram @Legislator @ Legislator HealthLA
  3. Calling your Senator or Congress person and ask for the health legislative assistant (health L.A.) State your name and that your are a constituent who would like to ask for the Senator/Congress person’s support on a specific piece of legislation.

An example conversation is as follows: 

Congressional Office: Good Morning Senator/Congress person office.This is intern Bob Smith.

PT/PTA: Good Morning Bob. This is Mary Francis, a constituent of the Senator/Congressperson. Might the health LA might be available for a brief conversation?

Congressional Office: Yes, they are available. OR No, may I take amessage?

PT/PTA: I would like to ask the Senator/Congress person for his/her support on H.R. 2480: Optimizing Postpartum Outcomes (OPO) Act. I’m curious if you are familiar with this bill?

Congressional Office: No. I’m not aware of it.

PT/PTA: H.R. 2480 is important to both to my profession as a pelvic healthphysical therapist, as well as to the population I serve. Followed by anexample or 2 of how this legislation will positively impact your patients.