How to Put on Your Pelvic Girdle Support Belt

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  1. Locate the middle seam of your belt. Place the middle seam in line with the lowest part of your low back. The bottom of the belt should meet the top of your buttock crease.
  2. Wrap one side around your hips, making sure to place the bottom of the belt directly above your groin. If you are pregnant, secure the belt underneath your belly.
  3. Wrap the other side around your hips. Use the Velcro to fasten the straps together. It should be tight but comfortable. It is normal for there to be a small gap at the back of the belt.
  4. Use the two attaching side pieces (“wings” or “straps”) to tighten the brace to your comfort. You can pull one side forward at a time or both at the same time.
How to Put on your Pelvic Girdle Support Belt
  • Your belt should sit below the top of your pelvic bone and above your hip crease.
  • You can adjust your belt lower to more directly support your pubic bone if desired.
  • If the belt bunches, tighten the first layer rather than the side pieces.
  • Loosen the belt if you notice any numbness, tingling, or signs of decreased circulation.
  • If you have pain rolling over in bed, you can wear the brace at night if you find it comfortable.
  • Your belt will help support your pelvic joints to decrease pain. It is best that you wear your belt when you are going to be the most active, such as at work or during your daily activities, or as often as your physical therapist recommends. You may have to loosen or remove the belt for sitting.

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